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Saturday, 8 December 2012

I still love you..., by Parul Parihar

Life has always been very sweet to me.. A real fun, you can say! Until I met him.. Met the one who made it hell.. A real pervert he was…… I still remember… the school days….. How silly I was……..
2 years back:
I was a bright girl in school. Girls were all jealous of me! Well.. I was a perfect combo of looks and intelligence.. (At least i felt so)
But there was this ultra thin girl in my class.. Deepshika shahni..
Oops call her Deeps.!
With her ready to have a kiss kind of lips.

She was a really popular among the sex starved bastards (unfortunately it included all the hunks and some geeks as well)  She was my biggest competition..  But apart from her, i loved everything else.. As it was the starting of the new class, there were many late admissions.. But then this guy.. Oh gosh! He was amazing.. As he entered the class, I had the same feeling which Kristen Stewart must have had when she first saw Rob Pattinson..  yah yah I am not as beautiful as Kris but he was no doubt less then rob (exaggeration is allowed, right?)  Then that senseless mam asked him to sit with that extra cheapo Deeps! Did I forget to tell his name?
Er.. Yes i did! Well he was Abhirath Rathore from Kasauli..! I had already guessed he was from the hills because of his evenly fair complexion.. I kept on staring him.. And that.. That.. Dumbass deeps was trying to be extra sweet with my guy.. (Yes, he was already mine). That day was my extra lucky day.. Abhirath finally approached Me.!

Abhirath- Hey, I am Abhirath!
Me- Oh,  hi.. (it was rather a  haayee)
Abhirath- your name?
Me- Oh.. Hm.. I am Charu..
Abhirath- A guy told me that you are the brightest lass in my class, so Can I borrow your English notes?
Me- of course, you can (ah! So mean)
I handed him the notes and he was gone.. Not even a thank you, not even a fake Thank-you-smile.... Bizaare!

Next day:
He came to me running again :)
Abhirath- Hey Charu! I have a problem with the 3rd chapter of English..
If you don’t mind can you stay back with me in school and help me?
Me- Ah! Well.. I need to ask my mum first….. ( Try it on knees, Buddy :-P)
Abhirath- Hmm.. Why don’t you tell your mom that you are busy with some debate practice? It will work.. …Hey, ask any of your friend to convey this message to your mom..
Me- okay! (
Abhirath- oh thanks.. You’re a sweetheart Charu.. I love u yaar..
And he ran away again..
In addition, i left there alone motionless :)
He was like a beautiful dream to me. I was in love with him, without any reason. Just in LOVE :)
I did as he said. I told my friend to convey that lie to my mom. She had many questions in her mind but i did not bother to answer any. ;-)

After school:
Abhirath was already waiting for me outside the library with a huge smile. We went inside. . It was very difficult for me to avoid looking at his angelic eyes. . I started teaching him voices. He suddenly interrupted me and said. .
Abhirath- so do you have any boyfriend?
Me - no.
Abhirath- lucky me ;)
I blushed.. And he was getting late, so he went away..
There from a distance. . .
Abhirath- (shouting) enough for today madam. See you tomorrow.
I waved, and left for home.

Next day in school:
Abhirath- so Miss you are staying back right. ?
Me - yes i will. ( I blushed, thinking what happened yesterday. I was in love with everything around her. I was happy to spend some time with him.)
Abhirath- thanks and yah stop blushing :)
 He rubbed my nose and ran away again.
My feelings for him grew stronger with time. We started staying back daily after school... His English lectures were tuning into hangout sessions. Her Teacher was becoming his buddy now.
He was quick, One day that dream happened which I started to row every night. He said those three magical words to me. And yes it was a reality.:) Everything was like a wonder.
We started talking a lot on phone, and words like Babu, mithoo, shone were a part of my dictionary now.
Life was like a coaster ride :) finally our final exams arrived.

Last exam:
I asked him to meet me behind canteen. Nevertheless, surprisingly he didn’t turn up.
I asked his friends where he was. One of them told me he saw him going to the music department. I instantly ran and what i saw was Unbelievable. . . .
Abhirath and deeps were kissing each other. I ran away to my place. I did not cry. I was just numb. I went straight to my mom, and told her that i want to stay with my cousin and want to complete my schooling and college from there. My mom wanted to know why? But i didn’t answered. I locked myself in my room.. I broke my sim-card. I told my mum to tell my friends that i was out of town...
As soon as my result came,  I left for my cousin’s place…. Leaving behind all the old memories. . Leaving behind Abhirath..

These two years here in Delhi had been okay. . I was all occupied with my studies. I never tried to know where he was. Nor did he……
Until today. . I log in to my FB account. And was shocked. . .
Abirath Shahni wants to be your friend..
Today i could get answers to all my questions. Today i could know why
he did so . .
However, all i did was deleting the request.

Within heart, i still loved him.
I still….

-Parul Parihar

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  1. Nice attempt...but why did Abhirath change his sir should be Deeps doing it...right???

  2. That was by mistake.. Error


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