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Just Saying

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Its Love that cares & stays.. Forever

Looking out of my window after a heavy shower of rain drops.. The scene was glorious.. The weather had  turned so splendorous.. Cool breeze lifted my hairs every time they touched me.. A beautiful eye catching rainbow added more beauty to this weather.. With a cup of hot coffee in my left hand.. My right hand was busy playing with my long curly hair.. Which were no less than  tangled wires.. But i loved moving my hands on them..

The cool breeze and the beautiful weather turned nasty when in no time i could see the glimpse of something  in front of my eyes.. And within a fraction of second that incident was right there.. Occupying both my soul and mind..

This was not the first time when it haunted me.. A little blurred image of a man following a girl. A girl who looked quite young.. Ah! I cant see it clearly.. Who are they?

The man is holding a sharp knife in his hand..
Dark and empty streets.. With just a street light adding some light. There are many shops around but none of them is open..
And there is an old dog barking at the man.. But he is too old to even get up.. one of his leg is badly injured.. The inner flesh could be seen..
The Man made a scary look with his red eyes wide open ..

And the dog stops barking instantly.. And went to sleep keeping his face between his first two legs.. It looked as if the animal is trying to avoid the horrifying gaze of that man. A gaze which had animosity in it..

The girl by now has reached an another street.. She is breathing heavily.. And sweating profusely..  she turns back and feels relaxed to find no one there..
She is looking for some thing in her bag. The bag was one that is used to carry to offices.. quite professional..
But she cant find what she is looking for.. She is atrocious.. That can be seen easily in her eyes..

She is standing there with a clueless expressions as if she does not know what to do..  She tries to shout to call for help.. But she feel something.. The shadow of somebody standing right behind her.. The man is there. She tries to run but gets hold of her immediately....The big man around 6 feet tall with a heavy built and beard covering most of his face has horrifying eyes.. The girl is trying but she cant move. The man is strong and is almost double her..

They are talking about something. But what? I can see only their lips moving.. But it looks like the girl is pleading for something. She is crying but the man looks merciless.. He holds her head with his big hands and stabs it on the wall.. She is bleeding profusely.. And falls down to ground in no time..

Her face is covered by her long curly hair.. A halo of curls and waves..
The man now moves his hand over her face..
Her face.. Oh i have seen her some where.. Those lips,  cheeks are known to me..
But who is she ? And how come i relate to her ?

I cant see anything now. Its all dark. No light. Nothing. No man and that girl. Where is she? Is she dead ? Oh she needed a doctor she was in a traumatizing condition ?

I opened my eyes and my hair are again lifted by the cool breeze..

Aman enters the room and comes close to me. After giving me a little pack on my left cheek. He hold my hand and said, ' honey did you take your medicines ' with a serious concern in his tone.

'Yes i did.' i replied with a little smile.
Good! Let me take you to the bedroom now. Come!
He carried me his arms to my bedroom..

Aman and i are living together from a long time...  i don't know from when.? I don't even know when i met him or from when he in love with me?
Aman! I saw that girl again.! You know who is she? I asked him with lots of expectations in my eyes..!

Baby don't think about it. Its just a bad reverie.! He replied with the same answer.. The best thing about him was he knew how to maintain a cloud of calm even in the midst of my frantic questions.!!

I could see  tears  running down his cheeks.  He left me there in the room. And went out to the kitchen..

Aman- doctor! How much time it will take ?
Doctor - that incident will haunt her till the time you tell the truth

Aman- No doctor! What should i tell her that  SHE WAS THE ONE WHO GOT RAPED THAT NIGHT? NO I CANT.. I can tolerate those questions but i cant tell her this reality. I cant. I am sorry..

Doctor- OK at least tell her that you guys are married. Start a new life. Take her out.

Aman- No doctor. She will ask me many questions which will ultimately effect her health. Not now!
After fifteen minutes. He came back to the bedroom. He sat near me and placed his hand on my head.

Aman- You should sleep now Aarti! Its late..
His overwhelming concern for me always seemed like he wanted to abate my pain.. Pain.. Well i never knew which pain i suffered..!!!
Glancing at  him with a suspicious look i asked "who Aarti.??"

A little tear dropped from his left eye.. Which he wiped off immediately..

He turned off the lights and left the room...

- Author Parul Parihar

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  1. what happend next did she ever know who is Aarti???
    What was happening in that dark night....?

  2. She is suffering from an unknow pain.......;(

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