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Just Saying

Friday, 19 April 2013

Chapter 4 - I Too Had a Love Story – Two Different World

Abducting the envelope from Michael's hand..

John did not know what was holding him back.. He was not able to adjudicate if it was a reality or a delusion..

 He was waiting for this from last 35 years.. His entire youth conked.. Died silently every moment..
But today when he got to experience the most dwelled Moment..
He did not know how to react.. His insensibility was cardinaling over his blessedness..

'Michael please leave me alone for some time', John said with orphic anguish in his eyes..

'Yes.. Alright.. I am there in the telephone room..', replied Michael moving his hand on his shoulder..

He knew him from 14 years and it was quite accessible for him to understand what he was going through..

Sometimes our lips might hide the inner making some beautiful curves but our eyes they don’t.. They just can’t..

Michael went down to the first floor..
Telephone Room was the place from where they made calls to their relatives who have discarded them..
Abnegated them long before..

Meanwhile a phone rang.. After 5 minutes conversation.. Michael went upstairs..

John was packing up his things.. After a long time he was grinning.. Smile that was earnest..
But seeing Michael on the door.. His smiles disappeared..
There he was standing with his hand placed on his forehead..
He looked annihilated.. Broken dreadfully..

With bewildered expressions John went near him and before he could ask something..

Michael clasped him and heavy tears started rolling down from his debilitated eyes..
He confided something into John's ear...

'Henna was NO MORE'

*To Be Continued..
Next Chapter
Author: Parul Parihar & Priyanka Chahande

1 comment:

  1. Ahh... :'(
    Heart Tchin story !!!

    Waiting for da nxt chptr !!!
    Vry nyc story !!!


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