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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-1

Vathsala was lost deep in her thoughts, thinking hard about her future after marriage, Indian marriages are a boon as well as a bane to our society.
“Vathsala are you ready” shouted her mom from downstairs; she has come back from her trance into reality

“Ha Maa, getting ready”
“Get ready, don’t be late, they might be here any time”

“haa ok Maa” she shouted back to her mom.

Vathsala is a typical Indian girl, with many dreams to achieve, she has recently completed her degree and was preparing for many competitive exams, to further study, but even in this modernized day we do find people who want their daughter to be married at an early stage.

Vathsala was a bright student, she wanted to study further and reach heights, and she still remembers the discussion with her dad on the day the match maker has bought this match.

“Dad I want to go with my further studies”

“Vathsala, everything should happen at the right time, so it’s right for you now, if your future husband accepts then you can further continue with your studies”

Now she has come back to the reality that marriage is part of life no one can escape it but as a girl she has many thoughts, about how a marriage life will be, she was tensed, about everything first whether this guy suits her mind set or not , second she needs to leave her whole family and straight away start a new life in a strangers house with his family members, how will it be? There are many questions troubling her, for all her doubts only time can answer.

Her mother has come into her room and upon seeing her, she made few changes to her attire and told few things which every mom tells to her daughter like as soon as you come outside, take blessings of everyone , answer to their questions properly etc.,

She nodded her head for everything. Why girls should do all the sacrifices, why not the guy follow the same procedures, she was fuming inside but she was expressionless outwards.

Her mom left the room leaving her. She was pacing back and forth in the room , She was tensed , she don’t know why , she’s angry , tensed , afraid , all emotions are charging upon her at once. She closed her eyes and took her breath deeply to calm herself and was waiting patiently.

Her mom has come and took her outside, she has done everything as told and her mom asked her to sit placing a chair for her. She sat with her head held down. She wanted to see the guy but she cannot raise her head.

Someone from the guy’s side asked her, “Did you see him? Did you like him?
She nodded her head still looking down.

Guy’s dad asked her father that the guy wanted to talk to Vathsala, as soon as she heard that, she raised her head quickly with a shocked expression, and she accidently saw the guy, he was looking straight at her, with a smile in his eyes , she as a reflex action looked down , she was blushing .

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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