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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Book Review: Touch of Mist (3 out of 5)

Every Book teaches us something. Following the trend, the last book I read also taught me something. The cover proclaims a couple standing near a beach at the time of twilight. The book is titled ‘Touch of Mist’ and the one who gave it this title and wrote it is ‘Deepika Muthusamy’.

Talking about author, she is blogger and avid trekker. ‘Blogging is something which fascinates me.’ I also went through her blogs after finding the address of it in book. Don’t worry; I won’t bore you with my experience with her blog.

We will come straightly on the book I am holding right now. Let’s flip some pages. Well I failed to find any publisher’s logo on the cover. It’s a self-published book. Whenever a self-published book hits any reader he generally concludes that that the book was not enough good to get published and no publisher was ready to invest its money in the book. Avid readers avoid self-published books. 

However, these days trend is changing, even good books are getting rejected by publishers, which add to the pain in life of a writer.

Frankly speaking, even I had the same presumptions in mind but then AMISH thrashed my assumptions badly and I stopped judging books on tag of publishers. Oops! I blabber a lot.

Once again, we will come straightly on the book…

Plot: This story is another cubicle love story, happening somewhere in a cubicle of an IT company of Bangalore.  First half of the plot is boring. Boring because, it has been already used in many books.  While going to the office Gautham, sees a girl, Reena, coincidentally sitting next to him and falls head over heels at first site.
 With little turns and twists they get married. Her parents were seeing another guy for her. However, all is well if end is well. They get married. Most, of the stories end here. However, for me this book started from here.  

How couple’s individual ego and misunderstandings lead their relationship and they trail it with wet eyes and broken hearts.  This book covers almost every aspect and problem after marriage. 

Little Adam and Eve conversations in the book reminded of me of that movie ‘Hum-Tum’. I loved those conversations between Adam and Eve.

 Observation and Opinion:

Public Transport + Love at first Sight = Too Common Love Story.

I wonder when Indian’s will stop falling in love in public transportation.
He meets her in bus. Leaving his job, he follows the girl. Coincidentally, they are working for a same company and the girl in new employee in the company. Again coincidentally, she becomes his teammate. So many coincidences makes the story look little unreal. More to it, I have read around 7-8 books exactly with the same plotting.

Second half of the book carries something new for readers. This book is focused to the concept of ‘Misunderstandings’, ‘Assumptions’  ‘Ego’ and ‘Aftermath of marriage’. I loved the way author wrote routine fights of a married couple and how come these little fights expand and shrink in the relationship.   

As the author says ‘Always remember, the real devil is not somebody else. It is our own mind. Life is meant to teach us lessons about living – through joy, struggle and grace’, Life is all about joy, struggling with difficulties and then the reward is grace. 

The book teaches us to struggle; no matter how bad is the situation we must struggle to bring back our life to normal.

Narration: The narration was quite good and the book is an EASY READ.

Characterization: There were very few characters in the book which made it easily understandable. Not a world class characterization, but a good one. Characters described by Deepika, failed to leave an impact in my mind. 

Good wishes for the book.
For me it definitely deserves 3 out of 5   

Review by Team Purple Pen.

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